Adieu until the end of exams!

Well would ya take a lookie what we have here?! This little bit of bloggishness has been abandoned since October!

You remember what I said about not having noticed an increase in workload this year? I take it back. All of it.

I am up to my ears in revision and art coursework right now; I will get back to Riot of Prose as soon as I can, but at the moment that’s looking like it’s not going to be until the summer, when all exams are over and I have a bit of time again.

Until then, adieu, my friends! We shall meet again!



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3 responses to “Adieu until the end of exams!

  1. I’ve been really busy too recently so I know how you feel! I can’t wait until summer comes and things slow down a bit more. 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your next blog post!
    ~ Kayla

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